Job Portal App Development

An end-to-end solution to enable sourcing, engaging, and hiring of the right talent for future opportunities for the employers…

Extensive Features of Job Portal Software

AddWeb Solution, a leading job portal development company, is always keen to provide futuristic job portal

solutions tailored to fit your HR operations…

  • Admin Panel​

    It is essential for recruitment agencies to effortlessly manage recruitment and operations smoothly. An admin app in job portal software helps you manage everything starting from user profiles, recruiters’ operations, enabling or disabling features, and detailed insights using reports and analytics with ease.

  • Job Seeker Portal

    Whether it is about managing the job profile, uploading a CV, performing a job search, job recommendation, or application tracking, there is a lot more a job seeker can do from the job seeker portal in job portal software. If you want something else, AddWeb Solution, a leading job portal development company, can help you with it.

  • Recruiter Portal

    One of the biggest overheads for recruiters is to find the right candidate and speed up the recruitment process. And recruiter’s portal brings a whole host of features to automate and enhance the recruitment process with recruiter’s portal.

Job Portal Solutions from AddWeb Solution

At AddWeb Solution, being a leading job portal development company encompasses a wide range of job portal development services such as:

  • Customized job portal website

    Do you need something that is different than other job portal solutions in the market, AddWeb Solution can help you with customized job portal app development to cater to your diverse business needs. Whether you want a customized job portal app or entire job portal software, we can help you with the best features at minimum cost…

  • Job Portal Mobile App

    While the majority of job seekers and recruiters rely on smartphones to quickly find the best-fit jobs and the right candidates. As a leader in on-demand job portal development, we can help you with an engaging job portal app to automate the job hunt and recruitment process for your business…

  • Job Aggregator Website

    The job aggregator website functions as a platform where a recruiter and potential employee can meet. You can choose from a variety of career possibilities because the website offers a variety of job positions and provides information about them.

  • Profile Builder Application

    Job searchers can develop their profiles using profile builder applications, which are specially made for them and allow them to do so depending on their qualifications, training, and experience. Additionally, they have several tools at their disposal that support them at every stage of the procedure, from creating resumes to locating employment.

Job Portal App Development Services

AddWeb Solution specializes in job portal app development services. Our job portal app developers possess strong technical and creative skills to offer various services such as:

Let the hunt for the right talent for your business get simplified with the fully automated recruitment process and advanced features of our recruitment web portal. All you need to do is to feed the right data required and get the desired candidate profile or manage the recruitment criteria on the go…

Do you wish to migrate the data from your legacy system to the advanced recruitment or job portal solution? Or do you have a requirement to integrate 3rd party tools or applications to enhance the recruitment process? Our data integration and migration services can help you do so without any hassle.


The recruitment process is complex and involves juggling a lot of data to sort the right candidate and filter out the best one matching your criteria. Our job portal app developers can help you convert the typical raw data of candidates into a streamlined spreadsheet with the help of a job portal solution…

Hunting for the right job is a daunting task for job seekers and our job portal software can help you do so on the go with our job search portal. Enter your desired qualification, location, and expertise, and get the whole host of jobs matching your criteria from top-of-the-line recruiters or companies…

Candidate pre-screening is an essential process to find and hire top-notch talent for you and we can help you simplify and automate the overall process of profile evaluation with the help of the job portal app. All you need to do is to feed the job portal software with student information and it will sort the details for you…

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AddWeb Solution’s job portal solution is a white-label solution that can be fully customized to meet your branding needs and operational guidelines. You will also have admin access, allowing you to overrule policies and manage user profiles for your job portal. You can personalize the job portal app with the aid of our expert.

The job portal app developers at AddWeb Solution provide the best job portal app development services by utilizing the most recent technology and techniques. As a result, some of the technologies we employ are as follows:

o the Android SDK emulator

o Android drawing app

o MobiOne

o Appcelerator

o Xamarin

You can easily integrate various third-party modules and other payment methods, map providers, and numerous other third-party services because it is a customized solution. To learn more, please get in touch with our support staff.

We are your full-service job portal development company, and we give you 24/7 maintenance, continuing support, and post-distribution qualitative analysis services. 

The price will be greatly influenced by the features you desire and the size of the job portal application you are ready to develop. It is best to submit your requirements to us so that we can provide you with a free accurate quote rather than just a ballpark cost.